Mesh Doors and Windows

Mosquito mesh doors and windows

Mosquito mesh doors and windows are very useful in protecting from insects, Flying pest and Mosquitoes. These days every one using these doors and windows as Mosquitoes are a common problem in Hyderabad. Not only Mosquitoes but these doors can stop BATS entering the home.

Mesh or Net doors are available in many types like single Door, Double Door, Detachable Mesh and Pleated frame doors.

We make all types of Mosquito Doors and Windows with high quality materials as per your orders.

Sleek Windows

Sleek Windows

Sleek windows made of powder coated aluminium frame with Fiber Glass net or stainless steel mesh which can be easily attach or detach with Butterfly hinges. These windows look sleek at the same time stops all flying pest and mosquitoes entering your home.

Rolling Windows

These mesh windows can be pulled down or up when required. An Additional frame would be installed on the existing windows which will have a mesh to protect from Mosquitoes entering the home.

Pleated Doors and Windows

Pleated mosquito mesh sliding doors and windows with high quality mesh can be made and fit any size of doors and windows. These Doors and Windows are sleek and move horizontally.  These are used widely these days because of its great and stylish look while it stops flying pest.

Detachable Mosquito Net

Detachable Mosquito net for windows can be easily detach, attach or clean. This is a very economical mosquito protection system which is used widely because of easy operation and installation.

Single Door and Double Door

The mosquito mesh doors can be made as..

  • single door
  • Double door
  • Bi fold Doors.